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did you know that your dog’s groom can average between 90 minutes or up to 4 hours depending upon style?  It is soooo important that you keep your dog’s coat in good condition all year round to avoid endless hours standing on the table.  Think of your dog’s comfort before you skip an appointment.  Matting can cause major discomfort to your pet and getting them out is no “walk in the park” for them either.  Plan ahead this year for a pleasant holiday groom by booking an appointment in October first.  Coated breeds need to visit every 6 weeks.  Short or double coated every 8-12 weeks.   Puppies usually begin their first groom as soon as they are fully vaccinated so they can learn at a young age to enjoy visiting the salon.  Ask us a question, we’re here to help bring out the best in your pet. 

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